Why is a Certified Pre-Owned BMW Such a Great Value?

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It's no real secret that no automobile suffers from initial depreciation more than a luxury car--it's just a fact that luxury cars benefit the most from their "new" status, and when they are shifted to "used" status, they take a fairly large hit to their value.

If you're planning to drive your BMW for a decade or more, as many drivers do, this isn't an issue at all. But if initial cost and early value are a concern for you, you may be looking for a low-mileage, recent-model-year BMW that's already taken that hit of depreciation, but still looks and feels just like new.

A few months ago, we took a look at what the BMW Certified Used Program covers, but today we're going to see why the vehicles themselves are such an excellent choice in California.


Learn About the Benefits of the Program


A Certified Pre-Owned BMW gives you all of the perks of a new luxury car--comfort, technology, modern features, and exceptional performance--with the surprising price of a used car, and the savvy savings of dodging major depreciation.

And, if you choose to buy a Certified Pre-Owned BMW, you'll enjoy special offers and exclusive financing rates that aren't necessarily available on even new cars, and cannot be guaranteed on other, non-certified used luxury vehicles.

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