3 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car in the Bay Area

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If you've been considering getting into a new hybrid car in the Bay Area--you're on the right track.

And while we'd often compile a "pros and cons" list to help you make a decision for your next car, there aren't really a lot of downsides to buying or leasing a hybrid or electric car in this area. You have the support of locals, the normalization of green technology, and some hard financial reasons to choose this route.

But, on the off chance that you're not sure why driving a new BMW i3 or BMW i8 in the Bay Area would be in your best interest, we're here to give you three great reasons.


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3. It's California.

Northern CA holds a reputation as a top buyer of electric and hybrid vehicles--and while the Bay Area is more central, we still exist under some California customs, and one of them is our "green" expectation. Driving an unconventional car is almost a rite of passage, and according to a 2013 study, nearly one out of every ten cars purchased in the San Francisco area was a hybrid or full-electric vehicle.


2. Bay Area Incentives for Driving Green

State and national incentives for electric vehicles and select hybrids are offered to encourage more drivers nationwide to choose EVs, and stack on top of manufacturer incentives. So, not only could you save on the purchase or lease of a BMW i3 or i8 in the Bay Area, you could also benefit from tax credits, rebates, financing programs for installation of EV charging stations, and occasionally even utility rate discounts through local electric companies or free parking in select California towns.


1. You Can Still Look Good in a BMW EV

Often the decision to go gas-free is met with a compromise: efficiency for style. You may never stop at a gas station for a fill-up, but you certainly won't be stopping any passersby with your vehicle's design. With a new BMW I Series EV, though, you get fuel-efficiency in a truly gorgeous and functional package. Particularly if you choose the stunning BMW i8. Zero emissions. Zero regrets.


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