How to Make Your Tires Last Longer in Pleasanton

As much as San Francisco drivers would like for the opposite to be true, tires don’t last forever. That said, with proper tire care, you can help ensure you get the longest life possible from them. There are certain steps you can take, like getting periodic tire checks and regular BMW tire rotation service, among other precautions to achieve the long-life tires you desire. In this comprehensive guide, the service professionals at East Bay BMW provide you with our top tips for how to make your tires last longer in Pleasanton!

What Causes Tire Tread Wear?

Before we dive into the steps you can take to get long-life tires in San Jose, let’s first take a look at what causes tire wear in the first place:

  • Inner & Outer Tread Wear: Sometimes referred to as “toe wear” or “camber wear,” an excessive amount of wear on the inner or outer part of the tire can often be attributed to tire misalignment.
  • Center Wear: Noticing a significantly higher amount of tread wear in the center of the tire? This is often caused by underinflation. Take a quick moment to consult your owner’s manual to find the proper PSI.
  • Edge Wear: Underinflation is likely the culprit.
  • Cupping Wear: Cupping wear presents as diagonal scalloping of the tire. This type of tread wear could point to a more serious issue with your car’s suspension, so you should schedule a service appointment as soon as you detect it.
  • Patchy Wear: If you’re seeing tread wear that presents in patches, your tires are probably out of balance. A timely trip to your usual service center will get things right again.

Tips to Achieve Long-Life Tires

At the East Bay BMW service center near Dublin, one of the most frequently requested pieces of service advice we’re asked for is how to make your tires last longer. The truth is, it doesn’t take much to achieve long-life tires in Pleasanton! We recommend all drivers to incorporate the following steps into your regular maintenance schedule:

  • Monthly BMW Tire Pressure Checks – This may come as a shock to some San Ramon drivers, but your tires can lose up to one pound per square inch of air pressure each month! As such, it’s important to maintain the correct levels utilizing your Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS). Know that in the winter, your tires could lose more pressure than in the summer, when they may be prone to gain more pressure.
  • Have a BMW Tire Rotation Performed Every 5,000 Miles – As we’ve established, tires don’t wear out evenly – especially if you’re driving an AWD model. Having regular BMW tire rotation service performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles will help keep the tread wear even.
  • Get Your Tires Balanced – After every BMW tire rotation, you should also have them balanced. If the vehicle’s weight is distributed to one wheel more than the other, it could lead to uneven wear.
  • Check the Tire Alignment Twice Yearly – Misaligned wheels will cause tire tread to wear out faster. It’s easy to notice misalignment, as you may feel your steering wheel shake. Misalignment can happen over time, or it could occur if you hit a curb or pothole in San Jose. At East Bay BMW, we provide rotating service specials that can help you save on BMW tire alignment cost.

Get BMW Tire Rotation Service and More at East Bay BMW!

Whether you’re searching for a trusted service center to get a BMW tire rotation or you’re ready to invest in a brand new set, the team at the East Bay BMW tire center is here to help! If you have any lingering questions about how to make your tires last longer or would like more information on our BMW dealer tire specials, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us directly at 844-361-5467! From providing a quote on BMW tire alignment cost to answering your most in-depth questions, our service pros are here to assist.

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