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What Is the Recommended BMW Tire Pressure?

Most BMW vehicles come with a recommended tire pressure of 32 PSI (pounds per square inch), but the best place to get started here is to check the sticker on the inner door jamb of the driver-side door. If you don’t see a BMW tire pressure listed there, the next place to check is your owner’s manual. Whether you’re running around town in San Francisco or preparing to head out on a long road trip outside of San Jose, it’s important for your BMW tires to have the proper tire pressure to ensure your safety and achieve a long tire life. You can learn more about BMW tire care from the auto service pros at the East Bay BMW service center, below.

Why Is Proper Tire Air Pressure Important?

There are numerous reasons why it’s so important to maintain the right BMW tire pressure, including:

  1. Proper tire pressure helps reduce the risk of flat tires and blowouts on Dublin roadways
  2. It can help extend the life of your BMW tires by reducing wheel spin and excess friction
  3. May improve fuel efficiency by up to 3.3%, according to the Department of Energy

How to Check Tire Pressure

Most BMW models are equipped with a tire pressure monitor on the dashboard to let you know if your BMW tire pressure is too low. When checking tire pressure yourself, you’ll get the most accurate reading when the tires are cold, i.e. not immediately after your car was driven. The steps to check your air pressure include:

  1. Unscrew and remove the valve stem cap and place it somewhere safe.
  2. Place a tire pressure gauge onto the valve stem and firmly press down.
  3. The tire pressure gauge will display the PSI – if it’s sitting around the 32 mark, you’re good to go!
  4. Remove the tire pressure gauge from the valve stem.
  5. Is your tire exceeding the recommended PSI? Allow some air to come out by pressing down on the center plunger in the valve stem, then recheck.
  6. If the PSI is under what’s recommended, you’ll need to add enough air to get it up to the recommended level. Tip: Many gas stations are equipped with an on-site tire fill up station where you can fill your tires up free of charge.
  7. Replace the valve stem cap.

Remember: In addition to checking your BMW tire pressure regularly, it’s important to check the pressure on your BMW spare tire every six months or at least once per year so you can be sure it’s always good to go if you ever need it.

Additional Tire Care Tips

  • Perform a visual tire inspection on a regular basis to check for tread wear or cracks in the sidewalls.
  • Do your tires seem to regularly lose air pressure? This could be a symptom of a slow leak and should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Always keep up with the regular tire rotation and wheel alignment schedule that is outlined in your BMW owner’s manual. Not only will this help you maintain proper pressure, but also ensure your tires last as many miles as they were designed to.
  • If the temperatures outside drop quickly, keep in mind that your tire pressure will drop as well, and the warning light might illuminate. When this happens, you can simply add some air at your earliest convenience.

Get Professional BMW Tire Care at East Bay BMW

Here at East Bay BMW, our BMW tire center is equipped to help you maintain your BMW tires and replace them when necessary. We offer tires that will work with your BMW car, coupe, or SAV from major brands like Michelin, Goodyear, and Pirelli, plus a rotating selection of service specials that often includes convenient tire rebates. Need to have your tires inspected by a professional? Schedule an appointment with us in Pleasanton today! If it’s time for an oil change, a tire rotation, or any additional services, you can arrange to have everything covered during one trip.

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