Our Product Genius

Meet the newest member of our Team!

Antonio, our  BMW Product Genius, is here just for you. A big part of his role is to introduce you to the Encore Program.  

We want you, our new BMW enthusiast, to come see our Product Genius after driving your BMW for a month or so. We know that all this new technology in cars can be difficult to keep up with, but that's why he's here! Set an appointment now or simply ask your Client Advisor to introduce you to his desk! Antonio will conduct test drives, answer the ins and outs of your BMW and show you everything the Ultimate Driving Machine can really do.

Get to know Antonio
- Born into the car industry, Antonio has been working in dealerships since the age of 16. He is passionate about cars and has been working with BMW products since January 2011. As the BMW Genius, Antonio is required to attend continuing education and training to stay on top of all the latest product news and technological advancements. He also knows a lot about current models including BMWs from the past decade.
East Bay BMW is proud to have Antonio on our team!

Phone: (925) 251-7112
Email: Antonio.Contreras@hendrickauto.com