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    Plug-In & Hybrid Used Vehicles for Sale

    Considering the switch from a gas-powered vehicle to a hybrid or electric model for your San Francisco commutes? You’re not alone! More and more Bay Area drivers are making this upgrade, and it comes as no surprise given the long-term savings they can secure. With less money spent on gas and maintenance items like oil changes, an electric vehicle is an investment that can put a significant amount of money back in your wallet. On top of that, your daily drives are also more eco-friendly! Among the wider used vehicle inventory at East Bay BMW, you will find a great selection of plug-in hybrid and electric models from BMW and other makes. Take a look to see what’s available and electrify your daily drives for a lower price!

    Plug-In Hybrid or Electric: What’s Right for Me?

    Electric models like the BMW i3 use an electric motor and boast a standard range of 153 miles, and even longer if you opt for the Range Extender! You can make your daily commute to San Jose and back home with confidence, but if you ever need to stop and charge your car while you’re out, the number of public charging stations you can stop at is ever increasing. Plug-in hybrid models run on an electric motor and gasoline. They offer a lower electric range, but will switch to gas power automatically if you run out of charge while driving.

    • If most of your driving is done in and around Dublin, an electric vehicle may be the cost-effective solution you’ve been searching for. Make it even more cost-effective by choosing a pre-owned BMW electric!
    • If you want to spend less on gas when you’re around town, but would still like the option of going on long drives without having to worry about charging your vehicle, a plug-in hybrid may be a better solution as it can use gas or electric power. For these drivers, our pre-owned BMW plug-in selection is sure to please.

    Why Buy An Electric or Plug-In Hybrid Used Vehicle?

    When shopping for used vehicles, some car buyers worry about quality and service history. When you choose an electric or plug-in hybrid used vehicle for sale, there are fewer maintenance issues to fret about. The electric motor, battery, and associated components require less maintenance and there are fewer fluid changes required. Even the brake wear is less of a worry because regenerative braking reduces it. If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance vehicle with a history you can feel confident about, a pre-owned BMW electric car can be a great option.

    Buy a BMW Hybrid Pre-Owned in Pleasanton Today!

    Want to view the extensive Hendrick used vehicle inventory in person? Contact us to set up an appointment in Pleasanton today! If there’s an electric or pre-owned BMW hybrid vehicle you’ve got your eye on, let us know and we’ll arrange a test drive for you. When you shop the pre-owned BMW electric selection at East Bay BMW, you can make your upgrade for some of the lowest prices in the Bay Area!

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