BMW OIL CHANGES in Pleasanton

What Simple Service Can Make Your BMW Live Longer? It's All in the Oil Change

One of the simplest and easiest car services is also the one that can significant extend the lifespan of your BMW, compared to a similar car that missed out on routine essential services.

It's the humble oil change: a ~30-minute or so process that drains the existing oil from your system, replaces a filter, adds new engine oil, and locks everything back up. That's it. But, this simple process is the reason that the engine in your BMW can perform as well as it does.

During the life of the oil, this important fluid works to reduce friction--and therefore wear-and-tear--through constant lubrication during movement, and even works to keep engine parts cool (relatively, that is--even a well-running engine is going to be about 200 degrees). However, all of that work takes a toll, and after a while the materials within the oil start to break down. Old, worn-out oil becomes thin, and unable to regulate temperature or lubrication as well; this can quickly cause damage to your engine.

BMW Oil Change Interval & Using the Proper Parts

How often should I change the oil in my BMW?

That's a pretty common question--in fact, it might be the one we hear most often in the service center. And while you may be tempted to answer "every 3 months" or "every 3,000 miles", that's an old tinkerer's tale these days. The standard recommendation for newer-model-year BMWs is an oil change interval of 10,000 miles or 12 months. Under normal conditions, you can now travel for up to a year without needing an oil change.

For best results, make sure than your oil change center in Pleasanton is using only Original BMW Engine Oil and approved oil filter parts. At East Bay BMW, we always do.

Special Offers & Oil Change Coupons

Whether you're driving a classic old BMW 3 Series or a brand-new BMW X5 straight out of the box, everyone likes to save a little money--and the cost of your BMW oil change could be less than you think. Check online for our recent service specials to see if we have available oil change coupons.