The BMW i3 Surges Ahead in Pleasanton; a Top Electric Compact Car for Mid-Range Driving

No matter what we'd like to believe, hybrid-electric cars and fully-electric vehicles are the future of driving; and the BMW i3 in Pleasanton is taking steps to make that transition a little less painful. In fact, with the upgrades and updates that we're seeing in the newest BMW i3 EV, the transition to electric daily drivers may even be enjoyable.

If you've been considering making the switch to an electric vehicle in Hayward, San Ramon, Livermore, or Danville, either as an everyday commuter or as a secondary family vehicle, the new BMW i3 is well worth a look.

Explore new models for sale at East Bay BMW, visit us in Pleasanton for a test drive, or read on to learn more about this exceptionally electric compact car.

Power, Performance, and Driving Range

One of the biggest complaints that BMW fielded for its charming little electric car was that it just didn't offer the kind of driving range that many commuters needed; for short trips and minor commutes it was quite acceptable, but the previous models needed frequent charging when heating or cooling systems were used, or if the driver had a heavy foot.

But that problem has been addressed in the newest BMW i3 with the addition of a larger battery; the latest estimations of 114 miles on a full charge is actually 40% more miles than the first-generation BMW i3. Choose the BMW i3 with optional range extender (ie: a two-cylinder gasoline engines that kicks in when the battery charge drops to 5%) and your total driving distance extends up to 180 miles.

What we loved about the BMW i3 is still thankfully present--and improved--in the new EV, including the fast-sprint feeling of instant torque thanks to its powerful electric engine. Did you know that the BMW i3 actually one of the fastest cars off the line? Add to that the type of nimble handling that you'll only experience in an ultra-lightweight vehicle, a stunning interior design accents like sustainable open-poor wood, tanned leather, and smarter new mobile integration with your smartphone, and you've got a vehicle that's pure BMW, and purely eco-friendly.

BMW i3 Charging, and Support for a Fully-Electric, Hybridized Lifestyle

The new model features a full-recharge time of just 4.5 hours when you use a Level 2 charging station; convenient for charging up while at work, during a rest on a longer trip, or overnight. If you have the DC Combo Fast Charger, the BMW i3 can attain an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes. Thanks to BMW's 360° Electric Lifestyle Program, it's getting even easier to charge up anywhere, with their expanding infrastructure of home charging, public charging, and assistance services.

This is hybrid like you've never seen it before.

Who is the BMW i3 Best Suited For?

BMW's pint-sized electric performer isn't just for eccentrics anymore.

For California drivers with a shorter trip to the office, the BMW i3 is a surprisingly practical commuting option; and with a center of gravity so low that it must have been produced by BMW, this EV handles and feels better than ever.

Choose package options for the BMW i3 like Deka World, Mega World, Giga World, Tera World, or the new Technology Package + Driving Assistant to customize the look and feel of your electric luxury compact, and see how effortless it could be to go gas-free--or at least largely gas-free--in your daily life.

Browse new BMW i3 for sale in Pleasanton to compare pricing, specs, driving range, and interior options, or schedule a test drive at East Bay BMW to see why this unique EV is setting the standard for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles everywhere.

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