The all New BMW i Series


The hybrid car genre is trying to keep up with the recent release of BMW's 2017 i Series. BMW has brought a futuristic touch to present day drivers with the low profile and sleek i8 coupe and the compact and versatile i3. Two vehicle models that provide outstanding gas mileage and pristine interior comfort for drivers looking for luxury and longevity in their weekly commute. This year's models do not disappoint and with the exotic design and sleek appearances, hybrid drivers and BMW enthusiast worldwide are racing to jump into the driver seat of BMW's electric models.

What Makes an i Series?

With the evolution of hybrid technology, the opportunity to plug-in and go is becoming available to all drivers. You can stay updated with the 360° Electric Lifestyle Program which allows you to utilize your smart device for vehicle updates, service assistance, and home/ public charging updates. However, the i Series is not all about its excellent electricity options. Sustainability plays a large factor in the creation of these models as well. A new design in body architecture is what's making the i Series go the distance. The carbon fiber reinforced plastic material used for the frame is half the weight of your average steel framed vehicle, and just as durable. Other reusable materials that go into making the i Series recognized as a sustainable vehicle are the open-pore eucalyptus wood that provides a unique minimalist look to the interior dash and trim

The BMW i3 Compact

The compact five-passenger i3 is the perfect commuter hybrid for the driver who wants to receive the maximum distance on their investment. The i3 stands out in the hybrid community as a reliable, zero emissions compact car. The rear wheel drive provides excellent handling and i3 drivers know they’re getting excellent mileage with their Hybrid-synchronous 170-horsepower, single speed transmission electric motor and 22-kWh lithium-ion battery. With an estimated 137 city and 111 highway. the 2.4-gallon gas tank is primarily used to generate power for the battery when it runs low. This enables the driver enough time to reach a refueling station or their home charger. Charging time is a breeze. With a level two charger, the i3 can reach full charge in 4.5 hours or 80 percent in just 40 minutes.

The compact shape of the exterior shows simplicity in design, but still, holds true to the BMW brand by standing out from its competitors. The color coordination is what makes the i3 a stand out hybrid on the lot. A variety of color options such as Mineral Grey Metallic, Ionic Silver, Capparis White, Fluid Black, and Silver Metallic. All accented with the Frozen blue colored trim that distinguishes the BMW hybrid line from the others. The 19-inch forged alloy wheels only add to the futuristic design of the exterior and with the interior, the future will feel like it’s already here. The comfortable interior is a combination of leather and wool upholstery and like the i8, it has the sleek eucalyptus dash with a minimalist feel of space for the driver and front passenger. The wide touchscreen features the easy to use navigation system and rearview camera, as well as wireless connectivity to your smartphone device. The i3 is an excellent option for your daily commute and those wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The BMW i8 Coupe

The all-wheel-drive i8 Coupe is an extravagant work of design and upscale performance. If you’re looking for power, this electric coupe holds its own on the road. The 357-horsepower 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine with a six-speed transmission provides 420 Ib-ft of torque, which is an astonishing amount of power for a modern hybrid vehicle. A full tank of gas and a full charge will provide 330 miles of traveling distance with an average 28 MPG and if you use the electric only option, your estimated range is 15 miles.

You’ll be sure to catch a few prolonged glances from people during your travels with the exotic, low-profile, and aerodynamic design. The i8 offers an immaculate interior that is just as impressive as its outside appearance. Interior tech features include the IConnectedDrive navigation that provides updated traffic information as well as smartphone connectivity so you can control the aspects of your vehicle such as the air conditioning levels or door locks.

Ready for Change

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